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Thank you for your support and participation at the 27th Annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk. Donations are being accepted online through December 31, 2022.

Miles For Morty

Welcome Jennifer Keil

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Event Date

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022

Start Time: 10:00 AM CST

Ceremonial one mile walk begins:
1:30 PM CST

Event Conclusion:
2:00 PM CST

Event Location

One Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, MO 6412

Event will be held in Lot C, with parking in lots B & D.

Special Instructions from the Event Staff

Check back here regularly where we will provide you with important updates about the event. If your Team Captain has any special instructions, you’ll find those below.

Special Updates

Team T-Shirt Registration Deadline:
Monday, September 26, 2022, 6:00. Don’t delay, register today to receive your commemorative Step Up walk t-shirt.

Donations for this Team will be accepted through the end of the year.

Welcome to "Miles For Morty" page.

We are thrilled to have you join us in celebrating individuals with Down syndrome at this very special event. Your support and fundraising efforts provide therapeutic programs and services for individuals with Down syndrome and their families in our community. Down Syndrome Innovations serves over 1,900 families, 22 hospitals, 45 school districts and dozens of early childhood and adult service provider organizations in Kansas and Missouri. "Miles For Morty" would love to have you walk with us. We appreciate all the support we can get! Together make a difference!

Team Information

Team Captain: Jennifer Keil EDIT


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In Honor of: Morty KeilEDIT

Special Instructions from
Jennifer Keil

10.22.2022 our tent is right across from the rock climbing wall!!. We will have a 20x20 white tent and a tall yellow and blue banner that says Miles for Morty! We are excited for today!


A Special Message From "Miles For Morty"

What a beautiful year this has been! Morty is thriving beyond any of our expectations! Morty has taken a new adventure in his life by being a big brother…again! He adores his new little sister Prairie. He is always making her laugh. He and Winston love being at the same school, going on lake adventures together, and protecting their little sister of course. They are best buddies one moment, fight the next, but always look out for each other. Morty still loves every bit of music, making people smile and doing yoga! This year he is very proud to have a mullet, even winning First Place at the Iowa State Fair's People's Choice Mullet Contest!!! GO MORTY! We have appreciated the support we get from Down Syndrome Innovations as they have contributed to Morty’s thriving success! They have been here for us since day 1! We appreciated their guidance this year on many things including directing Morty to get special needs swim lessons to help make sure we keep Morty safe while at the lake. Although Zach and I have had a child with Down syndrome for the last 8 years we are still learning things every day, we are comforted knowing we have not only an amazing community through all of you, but we are also supported through Down Syndrome Innovations. Thank you for any contribution you can make to help Down Syndrome Innovations to continue to help individuals with Down syndrome and their families. We are grateful to always know they are a phone call away. Thank you for always being there for us too, Morty is so lucky to have all of you, so are we :) Thank you!!


Team Members

Jennifer Keil (captain)

Andrew Wildish

Baby Mathews

Bailee Greenhaw

Brooks Shondell

Bruce Crowder

Carol Eisenbraun

Carter Cook

Cole Shondell

Darrel Yaktine

Deann Lovell

Dillon Cook

Easton Crowder

Ivy Greenhaw

Jamie Hernandez

Jamie Snyder

Jayne Keil

Joshua Higgins

Kaylee Cook

Kelli Waters

Kim Gilges

Kortney Mathews

Krista Yaktine

Kristin Cook

Laila Greenhaw

Leslie Moore

Lindsey McMahon

Lori Yaktine

Luka Drone

Max Drone

Mike Higgins

Mike Lovell

Morty Keil

Paige Crowder

Patricia Yaktine

Prairie Keil

Robert Crowder

Ryan Greenhaw

Santana Hernandez

Sean Mathews

Sofia Leon

Sue Higgins

Susan Haxmeier

Teresa Snyder

Tom Keil

Walker 1 Keil

Walker 2 Keil

Walker 3 Keil

Walker 5 Keil

Walker 6

Winston Keil

Zach Keil

Zachary Keil

Team Donors

John Becker

Jen Crowder

Jen Keil

Kim Gilges

Matthew Roberson

Denise Tupton

Ernst Family Foundation

Margaret Crowder

Teri Degitz

Patricia Yaktine

Barbara Dennis

Robert Crowder

Matt Bailiff

Sofia Leon

Jayne Keil

Annette Ernst

Mary & Richard Woody

Zachary Keil

Marcus and Sandra Schoen

Jeff Carton

Jacque Schippers

Barbara & Doug Campbell

Lynn Klahn

Erin Herman

Mary Kae Stott

Michelle Bly

Kortney Mathews

Sydney and Thad DeBerry

Krista Yaktine

Sue Higgins

Lisa Mudge

Kevin Kelley

drew Lethem

Andy & Mandi Everson

Kelli Waters

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