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Thank you for your support and participation at the 27th Annual Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk. Donations are being accepted online through December 31, 2022.

Where There’s A Wil, There’s A Charlie

Welcome Kim Sykes & Ashlee Shafer

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Event Date

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022

Start Time: 10:00 AM CST

Ceremonial one mile walk begins:
1:30 PM CST

Event Conclusion:
2:00 PM CST

Event Location

One Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, MO 6412

Event will be held in Lot C, with parking in lots B & D.

Special Instructions from the Event Staff

Check back here regularly where we will provide you with important updates about the event. If your Team Captain has any special instructions, you’ll find those below.

Special Updates

Team T-Shirt Registration Deadline:
Monday, September 26, 2022, 6:00. Don’t delay, register today to receive your commemorative Step Up walk t-shirt.

Donations for this Team will be accepted through the end of the year.

Welcome to "Where There’s A Wil, There’s A Charlie" page.

We are thrilled to have you join us in celebrating individuals with Down syndrome at this very special event. Your support and fundraising efforts provide therapeutic programs and services for individuals with Down syndrome and their families in our community. Down Syndrome Innovations serves over 1,900 families, 22 hospitals, 45 school districts and dozens of early childhood and adult service provider organizations in Kansas and Missouri. "Where There’s A Wil, There’s A Charlie" would love to have you walk with us. We appreciate all the support we can get! Together make a difference!

Team Information

Team Captain: Kim Sykes & Ashlee Shafer EDIT


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In Honor of: Wil Sykes and Charlie ShaferEDIT

Special Instructions from
Kim Sykes & Ashlee Shafer

Come have fun with us on October 22nd!


A Special Message From "Where There’s A Wil, There’s A Charlie"

Wil and Charlie have an "extra" special friendship. Their bond brings joy to everyone who sees them together, you hear lots of laughter! Charlie follows Wil everywhere! #WhereTheresAWilTheresACharlie


Team Members

Kim Sykes & Ashlee Shafer (captain)

Aditya Kapoor

Alec Weisberg

Alison Still

Anabelle Howard

Andrea Hottman

Anjali Dulohery

Anna Schulte

Anne Dummitt

Ashlee Shafer

Barbara Jessop

Ben Cigich

Benjamin Weisberg

Bennett Curran

Braelyn Lakritz

Brandon Hottman

Brooklyn Lakritz

Caley Curran

Caroline Shafer

Caroline Howard

Carter Sifferman

Cathy Swink

Charlie Shafer

Charlotte Meisner

Charlotte Swink

Chase Hottman

Chloe Cotter

Chris Curran

Crew Kellenberger

Crissy Wright

Daniel Weisberg

Danielle Sullivan

Dave Holtzman

Derek Nicholson

Drew Hottman

Eli Castanien

Ella Swink

Emily Weisberg

Erica Kellenberger

Gray Nicholson

Hailey Buckley

Harper Centlivre

Harrison Howard

Hayes Nicholson

Heidi Schwope

Hudson Centlivre

Hunter Howard

Jacob Shafer

Jaxon Sullivan

Jesse Bennett

Jonathan Enriquez

Joseph Weisberg

Julia Holtzman

Kahn Dulohery

Kaitlyn Shafer

Kate Kellenberger

Kathleen Cigich

Kavitha Dileepan

Kelsie Nicholson

Kenny Jessop

Kerri Holtzman

Kinley Hottman

Kiran Dulohery

Kyle Rinck

Laurel Jenson

Lauren Meisner

Lauren Sifferman

Leslie Bennett

Lilly Lund

Lucas Lund

Luke Castanien

Maddy Milliken

Madison Swink

Manasi Sharma

Mark Meisner

Max Sifferman

Megan Bennett

Megan Castanien

Megan Hottman

Michael Sullivan

Mike Sifferman

Mike Steimley

Milena Steimley

Mitchell Sullivan

Naina Enriquez

Natalie Lund

Nathan Weisberg

Niran Buckley

Oliver Hottman

Oscar Hottman

Owen Cigich

Owen Hottman

Pam Lassen

Rachael Neihart

Robin Jenson

Roman Cotter

Roman Enriquez

Roni Ventura

Rylie Hottman

Sage Bennett

Samantha Schwope

Shailja Enriquez

Shelley Buckley

Sienna Castanien

Steven Still

Straton Howard

Susan Steimley

Sydney Lakritz

Tanner Buckley

Tanya Kapoor

Tatum Wright

Taylor Wright

Taylor Jenson

Thomas Shafer

TJ Cotter

Todd Hottman

Tristan Wright

Vikram Kapoor

Violet Curran

Wil Sykes

Will Holtzman

Xander Castanien

Zack Shafer

Team Donors

Amy Allison

Christina Pokorny

Tiffany Allen

Courtney Held

Shylia McKinney

Harper Centlivre

Caroline Howard

Lauren Meisner

Kelly Capps

Luke Castanien

Robin Jenson

Emily Weisberg

Cathy Swink

Todd Hottman

Charlie Escola

Pam Lassen

Anna Schulte

Kim Garcia

Magen Defosse

Diane Gravelle

Manasi Sharma

Hannah Dickerson

Susan Steimley

Kavitha Dileepan

Ashlee Shafer

Crissy Wright

Kendall Johnson

Janet & Ken Tillery

Datle McMahan

Megan Bennett

Kim Sykes

Susie Kaufman

Kathleen Cigich

Samantha Schwope

Alison Still

Erica Kellenberger

Lauren Sifferman

Shailja Enriquez

Roni Ventura

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